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La república

The media strategy that increased clicks on Perú’s La República newspaper by 1.650% in a week

The Challenge

The SEO action was aimed at working on the technology content of the Peruvian newspaper La República, seeking to generate an impact in terms of positioning in Google Discover. PTo test this action we took 1 week to measure the analysis and results.

The Solution

The SEO strategy was based on changing the volume of technology content generated and published in the media, from a total of 80 to 120 articles per week.

This way, the relationship between the volume of content and the casual themes could generate an alteration in the normal performance of the newspaper La Republica, in Google Discover.

All these contents must be worked with the necessary SEO parameters to boost positioning opportunities:


h1 and h2 tag optimization


interlinking with related articles


use of keywords of value related to each content


bold markup to improve user navigation


use of images

The Objective

Increase impressions and clicks by at least 500% on Google Discover.

The Result

Within 7 days, the newspaper La República had an increase in impressions of


Within 7 days, the newspaper La República had an increase in clicks of more than


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