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The challenge

A24 is part of a set of relevant media in the market, such as Grupo América. The current situation, characterized by the advancement of technology and the constant increase in news sites that seek to position themselves on digital platforms for a large number of topics and keywords, generates a competition between them to reach all the users who are now on digital platforms.

The Objective

Reach a total of 5 million unique users (total).

The Solution

The redpoint team defined an SEO strategy to optimize all the main areas of work that will present organic positioning opportunities.

Additionally, the generation of 800 content for 4 months was incorporated. These were timeless news and topics of interest to A24 users. All these notes were optimized for SEO in order to enhance the results of the campaign and achieve the objectives set.

The Result

In 10 months, A24 had an increase in sessions of more than


In just 6 months, there was an increase in new users of the


In less than a year total site visits rose


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