As every year, Google released the report with the most repeated search trends in 2018. This is based on the keywords that have had a peak of searches during the last 12 months and therefore allows us to define and identify what were the events that characterized the same.

From Punto Rojo Mexico and Argentina we analyzed the main trends that were generated in both countries.

“World Cup 2018” was one of the most used words in different countries, including Argentina and Mexico. Concerning this, sportsmen such as “Javier Mascherano” and “Kylian Mbappé” also made up the list of most searched people.

Among other events that stood out in Google Argentina, we can find “G20”, “Partido Boca River”, and “Hot Sale 2018“.

In Mexico, on the other hand, “Boda del príncipe Harry”, “Sismo” and “Buen Fin 2018” were the events that took the most searches.

From this point, we highlight the importance of actively participating in commercial events, and consider the digital strategy SEO optimizations that allow us to expand our positioning opportunities for related searches.

In Argentina “Ley del Aborto” and “Como va la votación del aborto en el Senado” were topics that not only stood out in Google but follow a trend that continues to be seen today in social networks.


With a rise in the number of searches between July 1 and 7, ” elecciones 2018 méxico” was the main trend for this country, together with those of characters such as “Andrés Manuel López Obrador” and “Margarita Zavala”.

Both in Argentina and Mexico, a large number of queries referring to characters were repeated, among them, we can highlight the artists “Stan Lee”, “Avicii” and “Freddy Mercury”.

As expected, the series also occupied a category in Google’s most searched 2018. In Argentina, the first place went to “La Casa de Papel 2” followed by “Luis Miguel” and “El Marginal 2”.

In Mexico, the podium of most-viewed TV programs was occupied by “Exatlón”, while in second and third place in searches we can find “Enamorandonos” and “Caer en la tentación”.

The top words in queries and questions asked by users (what and how) were generated around the points mentioned above, some examples of these in Argentina are ” Qué hora es en Rusia”, “Cómo se llama la mascota del mundial”, and in Mexico “Qué países han ganado la copa mundial de fútbol” and “Cómo votar”.

Posted by:Jimena Bolán

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