Email marketing and SEO are two highly effective digital marketing strategies for increasing website traffic and sales for a business. But how can they be combined for the best results?

In this article, we will explore the relationship between these two strategies and how combining them can benefit your sales.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which refers to the process of optimizing a website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). These practices make the website more accessible to the target audience.

It is important to mention that to achieve this optimization, techniques must be applied that allow search engines like Google to recognize the website as one of the most relevant in the industry. SEO has great potential to make online stores stand out from the competition.

What is email marketing?

When we talk about email marketing, we refer to one of the most effective digital marketing techniques for a company, as it involves connecting with customers and cultivating long-lasting relationships. By sending emails to a list of previously segmented contacts, the chances of your product or service promotions generating sales increase. It is also a very important tool for retaining existing customers.

It is estimated that by 2024, the number of global email users will be 4480 million. (Statista)

How do Email Marketing and SEO relate?

The relationship between email marketing and SEO is very close. Both strategies have the potential to independently drive business growth, but when combined, they can have an even greater impact. Below are some of the ways in which they complement each other:

Optimize user experience

Sending exclusive content to a segmented group of users allows for direct communication with the target audience. By optimizing content with SEO techniques, such as relevant keywords, the website’s visitors’ experience can be improved

Generate natural backlinks

Email marketing can also help you generate natural backlinks to your website. If you include links to your website in the emails you send to your subscribers, some of them may share them on their own sites, which can increase the authority of your website.

Retain your customers

Retention is essential for the success of any business. Email is a very effective tool for keeping your customers informed about your products or services. It is also used to offer them exclusive discounts or special promotions.

When users feel valued, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family, or leave positive reviews, which can increase traffic and improve SEO ranking.

Reviews are seen as an indicator of the quality of a business. In fact, companies with more than 82 reviews on Google My Business are 250% more likely to appear in the top three local search results. They can also provide valuable and relevant content for the website, as customers often include related keywords.

In addition, reviews can be a key factor in a customer’s purchasing decision, as they can help create a positive brand image and increase trust or they can have the opposite effect and dissuade potential customers.

Improve open and click-through rates

If you send personalized and relevant content to your subscribers, they are more likely to open your emails and click on the links you include. Using relevant keywords in the subject and body of the email can increase the relevance of the content and make it more attractive. 

81% of B2B marketers use email to drive customer acquisition (OptinMonster).

Tips for effectively combining SEO and email marketing

Utilize your email list to generate traffic

Including links to your website in your emails can help increase traffic to your website. If you regularly send informative newsletters or promotions to your customers, make sure to include links with a CTA to relevant web pages so recipients can click and visit them. 

Offer valuable content to attract subscribers

To make your emails effective, it’s important to offer content that is relevant and valuable to your subscribers. This will increase the chances of them being opened and read. It can also increase the time visitors spend on your website and the likelihood of them sharing your content.

Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly

More people are using their mobile devices to access their emails, so it’s important to ensure they are mobile-friendly. If your emails are difficult to read on a mobile device, recipients are less likely to click on the links you include.

Use keywords in your emails

By using relevant keywords in your newsletter, the chances that your subscribers will open and read your email increase. Make sure to use them in the subject line and in the body of the message. This way, you can attract more traffic to your website.

Optimize your web pages for keywords

For the combination of SEO and email marketing to be effective, it’s important to optimize your web pages for relevant keywords. This can help improve your website’s search engine rankings and increase the likelihood of visitors converting.


In conclusion, the combination of SEO and email marketing is a very effective strategy for boosting sales and business growth. Statistics show that email marketing is one of the most effective tactics for generating conversions and sales.

By combining email marketing with an SEO strategy, conversion rates can be increased by 50% or more, demonstrating that both strategies can complement each other to improve their effectiveness.

The combination of SEO and email marketing can be a very effective strategy for increasing sales and statistics support this. By utilizing both practices, not only can a positive return on investment be generated, but a business’s conversion rate can also be improved.

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Posted by:Micaela Bellorio