You got here and that means you need to know how to double the amount of current sales from your website and let me tell you that you are in the right place!

Currently 70% of clicks on Google response pages come from organic results (SEO), that is, those that do not correspond to paid ads.

Now… We want to increase our sales but with less investment. How is that?

In an SEO campaign we are not making a payment for each keyword that we want to position in the search results, nor for the clicks that we obtain. Although working on our organic positioning may require a monetary investment, everything done will be done on our website, and in case we have to suspend our actions, the benefits obtained will be maintained over time, as well as positive results in traffic and sales.

This is the main point that presents an advantage over a SEM strategy, since in this case if we pause the investment of our ads, our presence in the search engines is completely null and our traffic will be instantly affected.

Perfect, we now understand how it works! but now… What 4 actions will help me double my sales? Let’s go through one by one:


  1. Think and maximize our content

    One of the main factors and resources that Google has to understand our website, and position it in the search results, is the content.

    The first thing we must work on then is to carry out keyword research, with the aim of knowing what they are looking for, and how our users search, around our products and services, during all the stages of a purchase process:

    Pre-conversion: the user performs informative searches, looking for information prior to acquiring products or services. Example: best running shoes

    Conversion: when the user already has an intention to purchase products, he turns that need into more specific searches. Example: nike running revolution 5 men’s shoes.

    Post-conversion: after purchasing products, users will continue to search for uses or complementary products. Example: sports shorts for men.

    We must generate valuable content, based on each of those keywords. The content of your website should be your best seller, since it is the resource that the user has to make a purchase decision.

  2. Understand the objective of our main landing pages and work on their semantics

    Each of the landings of our site must have an objective keyword for which we seek to position. This keyword, and related secondary keywords, should be used in the main tags such as <title>, <h1>, <alt> and also in content blocks with valuable information for the user and, as we mentioned previously, for Google.

  3. Enhance user navigation with an Interlinking strategy

    Another action to take into account is interlinking. And here we ask ourselves… What does that mean?

    Interlinking refers to the links that we include within one of our landings to another internal page with related valuable content.

    For example, when we talk about the opportunities to include links in our blog articles, to products related to our content. In this way, a user who accesses to answer a question or query can start browsing our products and become a customer.

    This factor not only helps the user’s navigation, but also that of the Google bot that will advance through all the pages of our website, through the links that we include.

  4. Improve the experience of our users by optimizing our performance

    And to understand our fourth action, we must know that there are different navigation factors that influence the conversion opportunities of users who enter our site.

    One of these is the loading speed. According to data shared by Google, when a user enters a website and it takes more than 3-5 seconds to load, it is most likely that they end up leaving it without having performed an action, this is what we call ” bounce rate”.

    And why is the time our site loads so important? Because no matter how much we generate all the valuable content possible, our efforts will not give the maximum results if the user does not access the page later.

In conclusion, the opportunities to increase the traffic and sales of a website through an SEO strategy are significantly broad, and to enhance them the main thing is to know our users to be present where they are looking for us.

Now all that remains is… Put these actions into practice and begin to see our sales grow!

Posted by:Jimena Bolán

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