Nespresso Chile is a leading company in the coffee market, but their website faced a challenge: it did not have a good ranking in searches related to coffee capsules or machines. That’s when they decided to implement an SEO strategy with puntorojo to improve their online presence.

According to a study by SEMrush, 73% of online product searches start on Google. Therefore, it is essential for e-commerce businesses to work on improving their visibility in search results.

Good ranking can improve e-commerce sales by 400%. With the right strategy, traffic and sales increase, user experience improves, and customer trust grows. Other studies indicate that 60% of clicks on organic search results go to the top three results on Google.

The Importance of SEO in E-commerce

The use of SEO in e-commerce websites is essential for increasing conversions. While there are many different techniques and strategies that can be employed to improve it, it is important to consider some fundamental practices for optimizing the website for specific keywords, such as:

Keyword Research

Before starting any SEO campaign, it is crucial to conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant phrases for the website that have a high search volume. This will allow for selecting the right keywords and optimizing the content for them.

Content Optimization

Once the keywords have been identified, it is necessary to optimize the page content to match them. This includes incorporating keywords in the title, description, tags, and body of the text.

Creating Quality Content

To attract and retain website visitors, it is essential to create quality and relevant content. The content should be useful and provide valuable information to users.

Monitoring and Analysis

Finally, it is important to constantly monitor and analyze the website’s performance to identify areas for improvement and adjust the SEO strategy as needed.

Results of Nespresso Chile’s SEO Strategy

The Nespresso team ensures that the collaboration with puntorojo was a great differentiator, as puntorojo understood the company’s needs from the very beginning. “They listened to us and brought us proposals,” says Patricio Ambrogetti, eCommerce Manager at Nespresso Chile. “They also worked with a focus on the brand’s needs, allowing the strategy to adapt to our objectives.”

Increase in Organic Traffic and Website Impressions

The implementation of an effective SEO strategy allowed Nespresso Chile’s website to appear in the top search results on Google. As a result, organic traffic increased by 170%. Additionally, website impressions also increased by 150%, positioning the brand as a leader in the online coffee market in Chile.

Benefits of SEO Strategy in an E-commerce

SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies for improving the visibility of an online store and attracting quality customers. A study found that 53% of e-commerce companies consider SEO as their most effective customer acquisition channel.

By implementing organic optimizations, online businesses can gain numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improving search engine rankings
  • Establishing authority and trust
  • Enhancing user experience
  • Generating more traffic and sales

“When we started to see the performance of conversions coming from the organic strategy, we understood that having a balance between paid and organic is truly the best strategy one can have,” affirms Patricio Ambrogetti.

According to research, 93% of online experiences start with a Google search. Furthermore, 70% of clicks go to organic results, while the remaining 30% are paid ads.

A study by Clutch found that 61% of marketers prioritize SEO over PPC.


The collaboration between Nespresso Chile and puntorojo was key to their success. They achieved their established goals and improved the website’s ranking in Google search results. The implementation of an effective SEO strategy allowed the brand to increase organic traffic and position itself as a leader in the online coffee market. As the Nespresso Chile team states, ‘We believe in puntorojo not only as a provider but as a part of the company.’

If you are part of e-commerce and looking for an effective way to reach new customers and retain existing ones, SEO is definitely an option you should consider. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the full potential of SEO to grow your online business.

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Posted by:Micaela Bellorio