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Previous situation

One of the obstacles that YPF's SEO campaign presented were the time that the internal development team had to dedicate to the actions that were sent, and the company's own processes through which each action had to pass, which delayed the plans to achieve results.

The Solution

To start working on YPF performance, a prioritization of landings was carried out, beginning to implement improvements in a hierarchical order.

The strategy team in charge of the campaign put together a series of actions to reduce loading times, which included the following optimizations:


Disavow of low quality backlinks


Correcting the structure of sitemaps


Optimization of content landings


Audit & general performance improvements of the site


Optimization of the home, in terms of content and SEO factors.

The Result

In 12 months, YPF decreased its loading time on category pages by


In 12 months, the home page of the YPF website decreased its loading time by


YPF's internal landings, in 12 months, they decreased their charging time by