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Previous situation

At the beginning of March 2020, a factor difficult to prevent was present, the quarantine caused by the pandemic that affected the whole world.

Given this situation, Nespresso Chile's purchases began to focus solely online, since all physical stores had to temporarily close.

This made the need to act with SEO implementations that allow it to be more relevant in search engines, and thus drive a greater amount of traffic to the brand's site, becomes more relevant.

The Solution

One of the obstacles that this context presented was the lack of stock, since the brand was not prepared for the sales levels that began to appear.

Faced with this, puntorojo's team began to work on a strategy that sought to optimize all the content and product landings with which Nespresso had enough stock to market, generating an increase in traffic to them.

The Result

In 6 months Nespresso Chile sales grew


The conversion rate grew in 6 months


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