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The Challenge

Movistar had been working on a puntorojo SEO campaign for 3 years. For 2018, the challenge focused on finding new opportunities and non-brand traffic niches for only commercial searches related to its online store, promoting brand landings and cell phone models.

The Solution

A strategy was carried out that had as its main focus to enhance the positioning of tienda.movistar.com.ar for its brands and models pages. Work was done on optimizing the home of said subdomain, optimizing using semantic techniques with the main keywords, and an interlinking plan was implemented, atomizing authority based on the opportunity of each category.

We also worked on short-tail searches for equipment brands such as “Motorola Cellphones” and we focused on non-brand keywords such as “Used Cellphones” through the generation of optimized content and interlinking.

The Result

In one year, there was a growth of sessions of


In one year, there was a sales increase of


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