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The Challenge

Falabella Insurance began its SEO campaign with a focus on improving the quality of the content of the entire site, and its correct interlinking, so that they can guarantee a better experience and arrival to users.

In addition to this, the site had different technical obstacles that from its SEO team in Chile and with some recommendations from us, we had to work to solve them.

The Solution

The strategy focused on improving the quality of traffic in the main verticals such as Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and Life Insurance. For this, we worked on the generation of new content specifically focused on each service.

For the generation of them, a keyword analysis was carried out that includes all the search intentions most used by users, around the contracting of each type of insurance. This strategy was complemented with different link building actions.

The Result

In 11 months, Falabella Insurance managed to improve the quality of users who come to its website, reducing its bounce rate by 22.8%.

The number of pages visited per session increased by


The average duration of a user's session increased by


Clicks increased


In 11 months, impressions increased by


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