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We believe

Lower your head and arms just to tie your laces.
Offer added value to the growth of the company by getting involved in the quality of the collective results.
Encourage the desire for personal and professional growth. Dream the impossible, wish the impossible, and execute the impossible.
Orientation to results
Each action we carry out must have the objective of increasing the organic traffic of our clients.
Work is a very important part of our lives to not have fun in it.
The worst mistake is better than inaction.

What we feel

Tami Derner
  • Brand, Media & Creative Designer
  • Tami Derner
  • What I like most about my job is being able to work as a team, regardless of the activity, I think the most important thing is to have the feedback of another person as support and additional perspective to advance in the projects.

    Working in the agency allows me to constantly grow and advance in the area in which I am developing.

    To me, the words that define puntorojo are commitment, drive, and growth.
Juli Barroso
  • Client Experience Coordinator
  • Juli Sola Barroso
  • What I like the most about working in puntorojo is that you will always be heard and surrounded by wholesome people, which I think is super important for a career.

    I choose to continue growing professionally in the agency because if you set your mind to it, you don't have a ceiling. And if you are looking to learn and from by facing challenges, this is the place!

    For me, three words that define puntorojo are human quality, constant learning, and fun.