• How referents work their SEO strategies?

    Learn how to rank on Google´s first page, from the leadings experts

How referents work their SEO strategies?

Learn how to rank on Google´s first page,
from the leadings experts

John Mueller

Web master Trends Analyts at Google

What's going on with google? join John Mueller to see what has been happening with google search.

Claudio Cabrera

VP of Newsroom Strategy and Audience at The Athletic

Learn how to get better at Google Discover with The New York Times and The Athletic strategies.

Izzi Smith

Product Marketing Team Lead at Ryte

Learn all the ways of enriching your snippets, dealing with zero-click searches, and preparing for future changes with Izzi Smith.

Aleyda Solís & Lily Ray

International SEO Consultant & Founder Orainti

Senior Director SEO at Amsive Digital

Which are the most important topics to take into account in 2022, to have success in SEO? Lily and Aleyda tell us which are the top areas to focus on.

Kevin Indig

Director of SEO at Shopify

In this talk, Kevin provides a framework (TIPR) that helps to understand and optimize the internal link structure of a site.

Barry Schwartz

President - Web Development at Rustybrick & News Editor at Search Engine Land

Learn about the new updates of Google and how to act in case of them.

Mordy Oberstein

Head of SEO Branding at & Comunications Advisor at Semrush

Take a look at the new Google MUM algorithm! Mordy tells us some actionable tips to understand MUM and how you should align to it.

Andrew Coco

SEO Director at Peacock Sports

Get 10 pieces of advice from Andrew Coco to start your SEO career successfully

Maria Sanchez Diez

Senior Editor & Digital storytelling and Training at The New York Times

In this talk, Maria tells us how to implement changes in newsrooms and which strategies we should use to be successful.

Montserrat Cano

International SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

This talk goes beyond the use of tools and platforms. It´s about how to help you increase your productivity and, maybe, your internal reputation.

Erika Varangouli

Head of International Brand at Semrush

In this study, Erika helps anyone in SEO get a better idea of what the trends are, how the SERPs are evolving and what they should focus on.

Gerald Murphy

Senior Solution Business Manager Similarweb

Learn how to maximize the potential of SEO in E-commerce, based on big companies such as Amazon, Google, and Youtube.

Chris Raulf

Partner and Ambassador at SEranking

Chris Raulf talks about Micro-SEO strategies and how to use SE Ranking to produce amazing results.